Talbot Lacrosse is a non-profit program open to boys and girls from pre-K through 8th grade in Talbot County Maryland. Our lacrosse program is for players of all experience levels and scholarships are available

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Exciting News, Please Read!!
by posted 04/22/2021

Dear Lax Parents, 


Coach Phil (10U) got approval from the President of TLA to extend the Talbot Lacrosse Season for some of our players on 10U boys and 8U boys to include one spring tournament. We will do this as a Rec League team and not a travel team. We will wear Talbot Lacrosse Uniforms and continue to use any rented equipment, and players /coaches would need to ensure US lax memberships are still valid on the date of play, and coaches who participate, will continue to do so on a volunteer basis. The cost for the team is the tournament fee, TLA will not fund anything. So the more players we have the cheaper it is per player, or maybe we can find someone to sponsor the tournament fee. 


His plan would be to have 2 practices per week once TLA season ends to create some synergy amongst the players before the tournament.  We will likely continue these on Tuesday and Thursday depending on coaching availability. I have put the idea in Phil's head of continuing on my Wednesdays as a workshop practice, working with players that decide to come out  to hone in on thier skills in a lighter atmosphere. 


We have two options for tournaments as follows but we are both leaning towards the Beach Lax Festival. 


We need a firm commitment from you if you would like to participate in the Beach Lax Festival no later than Monday April 26th. Once I know I have enough of a commitment to field a team, I will then register and collect fees from parents. 


Lax Splash Tournament 

June 5-6

Baltimore, MD 

minimum of 3 games, possibly more if we win

All divisions are based on the oldest birthdate / graduation year of any player on the team. 

Cost $850 per Rec Team , $200 deposit due at Registration 

Registration due by May 9th. 

Rec is 2 x 20 minute halves


Alternatively, we could possibly register as a 2029 or 2030/2031 Club team and play by those rules but cost would be $1100 per team 

Game times and dates are usually announced 1 week prior after registration is complete. 


Beach Lax Festival 

June 12-13

Ocean City, MD 

minimum of 4 games, possibly more if we win

All divisions are based on the oldest birthdate / graduation year of any player on the team. 

Cost $1200 per Rec Team , $200 deposit due at Registration 

Registration due by May 9th. 

Rec is 2 x 20 minute halves


Game times and dates are usually announced 1 week prior after registration is complete.   


Coach Matt & Coach Phil 

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Thursday's Scrimmage Idea and Saturday's Game
by posted 04/21/2021

DE Turf

Good Afternoon Lax Parents,


First, we will still be having practice this afternoon. We are looking at thunderstorms in the next couple of hours that will clear up around 4 and it should just be windy. I had a plan B just in case, but I want to continue with practice this afternoon. (Unless the storm continues) I also want to offer my plan and turn it into something. Phil (10U coach) and I want to invite 8U players out to a Thursday practice (tomorrow) at 5:15 to scrimmage each other. This will be held at Mt. Pleasant, where we first had Saturday practices. I hope all players will come out. I understand this is a lot of lacrosse back-to-back, but this will put more experience into our team. If I get enough players, we will play against 10U or if only some show up, we can mix up the teams. I will be out there with Parker. Please let me know by email or at practice if you choose to come out so we can plan accordingly. I may arrive right at 5:15 or a couple minutes later.


Second, our game is at DE Turf on 4000 Bay Rd, Milford DE. It is about an hour away from Easton. It is a big complex, and we will be on field 5B. I am including a diagram of the complex. If the picture does not show, email me and I will send the picture directly to you. We should plan to park in lot A or B, it says to pay but we do not have to pay. Please allow enough time to walk from the lot to the field. You may need to plan a little extra time to travel and get to the field by 9:30am for our 10am game.


Last, face coverings are required for Delaware games. Our players will need to wear masks.  “Players in Boy’s games- Face coverings must be worn at all times including during league games. (per DE state COVID restrictions for high risk sports).“  AND “Spectators may attend games. All persons attending games shall wear a face covering as required and be at least six (6) feet apart from others, unless waiting in their car.” Now the rule for spectators is implied for MD and DE games, but I am just reiterating the rule, I know the last couple of games in MD showed spectators more relaxed with face coverings. I have a thought about zip tying the loops of a mask on the wire part of the helmet so it is not directly covering the mouth so our players can still catch their breath. I think this will be best in consideration of the mouthguard and breathing ability. (We do not have enough time to invest in the plastic coverings now available from cascade, etc.) If not, mouth guards would have to be disconnected from the helmet wire to allow the player to have it in and the mask directly on the player with the loops on the ears.


Please contact me with any questions. I hope everyone considers the idea for tomorrow. See everyone in a bit! Thanks.


Coach Matt

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Into Week 6
by posted 04/19/2021

Good morning Lax Parents,


Another exciting game with a lot of action ending with a score 5-2 win. This time we played four 12-minute running quarters. Last game was two 18-minute running halves. We also went “hot” after two attempt passes instead of one. All the kids did great and played with a lot of energy. Shout out to Brayden for having a “hat trick”, 3 goals. Tyler showed great defensive skills and Shep was like a vacuum cleaner when it came to ground balls. Ben is really stepping up and getting in the pile showing more confidence with the sport. I think we all can agree that all players played hard all the way through. As always, much respect goes out to our goalie, Finn, for the courage to step in the goal and he made some great saves and started some awesome clears. Finn will be stepping out of the goal and I want welcome Tyler as our new goalie for the next two games.


The next game is on Saturday, April 24th at 10am vs Bucks Lacrosse. It is on Field 5B at 4000 Bay Rd, Milford Delaware. Please have the kids ready 30 minutes prior.


The three following games are at home at North Easton Park on Kerr Field. We play at 9am. We may have TLA apparel available on site but that is still in the works.


You can contact 410-310-0520 for any apparel requests. They have some on hand and some on order. I believe the number is for Rick Rider, but I may be mistaken because we are using a group chat and I have not confirmed the number to a name, but I wanted to get this out to you this morning. You can scroll down on our bulletin for a picture of what TLA has and prices (if the post hasn't expired).


See everyone on Tuesday!!


Coach Matt

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Week 5
by posted 04/12/2021

QA Field (look for field D)

Good morning Lax Parents,


Wow! What a great game! I felt like we were evenly matched, especially with defensive skills, keeping the score 2-2. Great job to all the players. Wyatt had a goal on the doorstep and Brighton’s great look to deliver an assist to Brayden as he was cutting in the crease lead to our second goal. Ground balls, stick checks, and the effort was great! A pat on the back for our goalie, Finn, as well. We did not have a second game because our ref’s were scheduled for another game at 10:30am. I am learning a lot moving forward with my involvement in the games. I will be addressing some of my thoughts this Tuesday to the players at practice while teaching some mid-level skills to help them in the future.


As the season moves forward, I have been developing different parts with each week having a theme.


Part 1: Weeks 1 – 4 (completed)

Week 1: Introduction to Lacrosse

Week 2: Fundamentals/Game-like Situations

Week 3: Introduction to Offense and Defense Situations

Week 4: Scrimmages

                              Part 2: Weeks 5 – 7 (we are at week 5 now)

Week 5: Beginners Review/Intro to Mid-Level Lacrosse

Week 6: Back to Basics (take a moment to relax and look at our improvements)

Week 7: Road to the Home Game Opener

                              Part 3: Weeks 8 – 10 (TBD)


In the next three weeks, we will keep working on fundamentals and introducing some new terms like “X”, setting a pick, cutting, etc. Please have your players show up wearing their practice jerseys.


Our next game is this Saturday vs Queen Anne’s. It will be at 10 am on Field D at Route 18 Park. the address is 1945 4H Park Rd, Centerville, MD. Please Have the kids ready, dressed, on the field, at 9:30 am for warmups and discussion.

Let us have a great week and have some fun!!!



Coach Matt

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